Our Tallow

The tallow used in our soaps comes exclusively from Beef. We do not use lard which is pig fat.

So how do we know the beef fat is all beef?

We render our own tallow. The beef has been grass fed according to the supplier. We do not make all of our soaps with tallow most of our soaps are vegan. When we add tallow to the recipe we will call the soap with Beef Tallow, like our Wine Bar with Beef Tallow, but we also have a tallow free version of this soap.

The only soap we do not have a tallow free version is the extreme scrubber, the coffee soap, which is also made with goat’s milk.

None of our sea salt bars have animal fats, so feel free to order without having to worry if your preference is tallow free.

The other animal fat we use is goat’s milk from Sunny Hill farms, from Trader Joe’s. We also use concentrated goat’s milk, which makes the soap take on a caramel brown color. This discoloration is from NOT reconstituting the milk, yes we leave it in its concentrated form. We freeze all of our goat’s milk before making of the soap and slowly add lye. We even keep the milk and lye solution on ice to keep the reaction as cool as possible. The soap then is placed in the freezer for up to 12 hours to continue a rather cool saponification process. The end result is a naturally nutty smelling soap, with an abundantly creamy lather.

Now you can buy the different types of soap on our site and be able to distinguish between vegan and non vegan before falling in love with the soap.

Enjoy our savon!

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