What's in a Name? Are You Kidding, alot!

Recently we reevaluated our fragrance oils, and the names we have chosen to call them by. The Angel type has changed to our branded name of Angelic ©, and our fragrance which smells similar to poison, named poison type has been changed to Urban Vixen ©.

Why the change?

Angel © and Poison © are trademarks of other lending fragrance brands. We do not sell Angel or Poison fragrances, but one of the best descriptions is if you like those brands then you would naturally like our fragrances of a similar type.

The other reason, it seems much more fun to say you are wearing Urban Vixen © or Angelic © when someone compliments you on how nice you smell, and you naturally give them the name of the product.

Plus everyone loves the original, and copy is just a copy.

So give our new Gorgeous Glow Refreshing Body Spray, which gives the skin a beautiful golden sparkle, and Our Refreshing Body Spray without the sparkle a try, you will be happily surprised at how nice the fragrance and essential oil blends stay true from the first spray to the last.

Our Hydrating Botanical Mist, a light botanical misting spray which can be used to refresh face, hair, and body, any time of day or night.

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