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Have You Seen This on Social Media such as Facebook

So have you seen this floating around on FaceBook and other social media sites? Have you been wondering if this works?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then keep reading and if you do not have a clue as to what the picture is all about keep reading.

To Quickly Exfoliate Your callused feet and start getting sandal ready in Fifteen (15) minutes or less, try this, if nothing else it is relaxing, and refreshes your feet after a long hard day.

You can make the solution using equal parts
1. Vinegar,
2. Listerine/ or generic and
3. Warm water.

Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes. Remove your feet from the soak gently pat dry. To facilitate the callus removal, wet our Black Walnut Scrub Bar in regular water, NOT the solution then in a circular motion exfoliate the softened callus.

Why not just use the solution to wet the bar you ask?

Vinegar is a soap neutralizer and vinegar will inhibit the lather of the bar. Although if you decide to still use the solution the scrubbing ability of the Black Walnut Bar will still be effective, but will not produce any lather, but it will still be effective in removing calluses.

After the Soak and Black Walnut Scrub Bar

To maintain the new and improved feet sans calluses, use our Black Walnut Scrub Bar frequently, whenever you shower or bathe. But do be careful these bars are also moisturizing as if you used lotion, and your tub or shower may become slippery. To seal in the moisture use our KoKum Butter and Grapeseed Lotion, or the Emperors Avocado and Dead Sea Salt Lotion.

Cheers to your feet, newly revived, now strut your new sandals all summer long.

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