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The Men's Shave Soap Womans Test

Why did I do the self test? I tried the men’s shave soap, but I did not use it for shaving. I have given this soap to several men who shave and they felt that the soap left their skin soft and moist instead of dry and puckery. So in the tradition of me using all of my soaps, lotions, and crèmes, it was time to experience my men’s shave soap, from a woman’s perspective.

So my intensive test would have to test for sensitivity, will the soap with an extended use cause any burning, biting, or the dreaded rash?

So to increase the chances of having a sensitivity reaction I decided to wash my face, with a generous lather from the shave soap, then rinse re-lather the shave soap and slather the creamy lather on my face, again but leaving the lather on for five (5) minutes. After about three (3) minutes the lather began drying, this could have also been from the air conditioning, I could feel a comfortable tightening.

When the five (5) minutes were up, I rinsed and pat my face dry. My face felt clean and moisturized, and not stripped. My face felt refreshed, moisturized, and smooth. I did not have an overwhelming urge to put on lotion. But to keep my face from secreting its own sebum I did use my hydrating night cream, which I often use in the day time.

Now for the eww part of this post, the pimples/ acne; First acne is a hormonal issue. Acne is not cleared up by your soap or lotion, but the acne scars can be healed by lotion, crèmes, and specialty soaps. My acne breakouts dried up with the use of this soap and minimal scarring if any was noticed. The use of the lotion kept me from having excessive sebum secretions and the old acne scars seem to be fading, but that probably is from the use of my hyaluronic acid night cream.

The conclusion, this soap is not only a great shave soap, it’s also a great facial soap, a woman’s version is coming soon.

I did this test for over a week before posting, I’ll continue to use the soap and keep you updated.

In the meantime try the 1.5 ounce or the 3 ounces bar in two different  types vegan and goats milk, I used the goats milk bar.

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