5 Tips to Winterize Your Body

With many of us going into a cooler, moist climate, protecting your hair and skin becomes more of a top priority than in the sunny, hot days of summer.  Don’t get me wrong summer skin and hair we use a sunscreen while getting out and having fun.  But did it occur to you that winterizing your skin is equally if not more necessary than the sunscreen of summer.


In the winter you still need a sunscreen and your hair and skin needs even more hydration or you might encounter the dreaded dry, flaky, scaly skin and brittle hair.


Having a glow and radiance year round can easily be attained by just doing a few daily adjustments, these additions are easy and fun to implement and incorporate into your weekly if not daily routine.  Just go ahead commit to try these tips for fourteen (14) days, yes two rather short weeks.


  • Use a milder facial soap and body wash, you’ll still get clean but you will be keeping your skin from being dry. Ditch the Sodium Laureth Sulfate aka SLS.
  • Exfoliate your entire body. Best time to exfoliate is in the morning after a good night of sleep.  During rest periods your body generates new cells, exfoliating after the rest period, gently removes the older cells revealing the newer brighter cells, which means glowing skin and less flaking.  Gentle exfoliation can be done daily.
  • Moisturize with a hydrating lotion or butter every few hours, somewhere between three to four hours. If you wait to moisturize when it becomes apparent, your skin will be very dry and flaky, taking longer to absorb the nutrients in your moisturizer.  Also using a botanical spray on your skin and hair feels refreshing.  If you are wearing makeup you can still spritz your face while freshening up your make up.  Just remember to hold the bottle around four to six inches from your face.
  • Drink more fluids. Not soda and energy drinks but water and/or coconut water.  Try infusing your water with limes which can have an alkalizing effect on your body.  When you are feeling run down an eight ounce glass of water or coconut water might prove to be on of the best pick me ups you will experience in a rather busy day.
  • Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  So instead of having a donut or a bacon egg croissant have Chia seed porridge (recipe below) or make a fruit smoothie, and to kick it up a notch, add Irish moss or spirulina.

Your skin and hair are the representations of what you put inside your body.  Treat your body right, get plenty of rest, fluids, proper nutrition, and at least thirty minutes of just “You” time on a daily basis to refresh, revive, and live.


More tips to come, in the meantime let us know your progress with these tips on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pintrest.

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Chia Seed Porridge make the night before you enjoy this for breakfast


2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds

1 ½ cups of Coconut water or Almond milk, or coconut milk

¼ cup Cashews

½ cup of fruit of choice

1 tablespoon of maple syrup or agave

A pinch of sea salt


Blend all the ingredients for two minutes.  Place in a container and place in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning enjoy!

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