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Body Spray vs. Cologne vs. Parfum

Currently we sell refreshing body sprays, gorgeous glow refreshing body spray, and hydrating botanical mists. In the very near future we will be offering cologne and parfums, but for now enjoy our refreshing body sprays.

The biggest difference between body spray, cologne, parfum is the amount of fragrance oil. The more oil the higher the fragrance content and which also means a higher price for cologne and parfum.

The average price for a well crafted cologne fragrance can range from $35.00 for a 1.7 ounces up to $65.00 for 3.3 ounce. When buying fragrances it is always better to buy the larger bottle, but only if it is a fragrance you like. Parfum is normally sold in smaller sizes and can cost $100 or more. Parfumes come in one size and is likely to be a small 1 ounce or ½ ounce size, but the fragrance lasts for a very long time. Then there is the perfume tiny bottles of ¼ ounce but extremely fragrant.

As far our body sprays we use light fragrance, because a body spray can be sprayed more often but it also can be sprayed across the entire body, which is why we call it a refreshing body spray.

We also carry botanical sprays. Our botanical mists we make them with a variety of essential oils. But if you prefer fragrance oil then we will try to accommodate you.

Our hydrating botanical sprays are packed with natures goodness, ideal to spray on your hair, for extra hydration and moisture, on your face for a hydrating boost. The refreshing body sprays are great mid day boost to revive your senses and give a renewing clean scent to an otherwise hectic day.

Our gorgeous glow refreshing body spray is just that, it will give you that extra sparkle without looking like you are covered in glitter. They are a great accompaniment to a night on the town, or a day when you want that extra sparkle.

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