A Customer's Experience and an easy weekly skincare regime

We were very glad to hear from one of our long-time customers, "Sonia", not her real name.  She wrote to us to let us know how the Grapeseed & Kokum Butter Body Lotion, Liquid Soap #1, and Enhance the Sea Salt shampoo bar all helped her skin's appearance.


Sonia has a medical condition which the treatments cause her to have very dry skin.  One day I gave her a deluxe sample of the Grapeseed and kokum butter body lotion, she told me that lotions never work for very long on her skin, due to the treatments. 


A few days later "Sonia" asked me if she could purchase the Grapeseed and kokum butter body lotion, by this time she had already been using Liquid Soap #1, without drying effects. 


Dry skin sometimes is accompanied by itchy skin.  In "Sonia's" case her scalp was becoming unbearably itchy, so I suggested that she try Enhance the Sea Salt shampoo bar.  She did and had great results.  Her scalp felt better and the itching went away.  Her old body wash and shampoo had a common ingredient, sodium laurel sulfate, an ingredient we do not use in any of our cleansing products. 


When "Sonia" was getting one of her orders, I complimented her on how her skin was glowing.  She told me she had been getting compliments on her skin's appearance from her doctors and nurses.  She even commented on how a new nurse thought she was new to the treatments.   The new nurse was explaining how the treatments would proceed; "Sonia" stopped her in the middle of her orientation to tell her she had been having the treatments for quite some time now.  The nurse commented that since "Sonia's" skin was so supple looking the nurse thought that this must be the first time "Sonia" was having the treatments.


For winter radiance you may want to add the aforementioned products to your weekly skin care regime.  You can try a weekly regime that will help increase cellular turn over, and hydration to the new skin cells.


  1. Monday: Start your morning with a large cup of water ten to twelve ounces, add a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lime juice with the pulp, stir, drink, and enjoy.  Gently cleanse your skin with the Decadent Buttery Coffee Scrub, or the White Charcoal & Pumpkin Cleansing Scrub.  Spend a little extra time on your elbows and knees.  Thoroughly rinse your skin.  Pat dry and lock in the hydration with the Grapeseed & Kokum Butter Lotion, or the 4 Whipped Butters Body Butter, or the Silky Light Lotion, or The Emperors Avocado Body Lotion.  If you do this in the morning then your night regime should be using a cleansing soap such as The Rosemary & Basil Tranquility Bar, and locking in the moisture with a nice Body Butter.   
  2. Tuesday: Start your morning with a water infusion of lime slices, cilantro, and parsley.  Make a large pitcher and drink throughout your day.  For day and night cleansing regime use the Dead Sea Salt Fango Bar followed with either the Pumpkin Whipped Body Custard, or Calm & Soothe A Giddy Body Lotion. 
  3. Wednesday: Repeat Tuesday’s regime.
  4. Thursday: Repeat Monday’s regime.
  5. Friday: Drink plenty of water, and use a mask such as, Hydrating Mineral Face Mask with Binchotan White Charcoal as a part of your weekly regime.  It is better to use before going to bed.  After letting the mask remain on your face for five minutes, rinse off thoroughly and follow with the Emperors Avocado Lotion, or Grapeseed & Kokum Butter lotion.
  6. Saturday: Repeat Monday’s regime
  7. Sunday: Repeat Tuesday’s regime


After doing this regime for three weeks, you should begin to see a difference in your skin.  You should see a more glowing skin appearance along with a softer skin feel to the touch.  Before embarking on this regime taking starting photos, after three weeks take photos again and compare to the starting photos.  Let us know how you do, send us your photos and/ or post them to our social media pages.  Here’s to realizing your #Skintasy.



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