Dark circles under your eyes? Free remedies that cost you nothing

Have you been thinking that you need an under eye cream to reduce under eye discoloration and puffiness?  If so read on.  We compiled six no cost remedies that you can immediately implement into your daily routine. 


  • The Pillow Prop can do wonders, not just for your under eyes, but can also help relieve back pains.   You will need to have two pillows, which are no more than five years old and are medium firm to firm.  Just place the pillows in a cross formation.  The bottom pillow should be placed under your shoulders, and the top pillow should be lengthwise, from the back of your head to the middle of your back. The Pillow Prop
  • Get more SLEEP. When bedtime rolls around, give yourself the treatment.  Spend time stretching your body for at least ten minutes.  The stretching should be relaxing, not taxing, and please remember to breathe.  After your unwinding stretching session, take a warm shower, or a nice languishing bath.  A nice warm bath is where your stash of lavender and ashwagandha bath renewal eggs can come in handy.  Drop in your bath renewal egg into your bath water, let it dissolve, and step into your tub and relax.
  • Eat fewer simple sugars throughout your day. Ditch the empty calorie candy bars, cookies, cakes etc. and replace them with non-hybridized fruits and vegetables.  An apple a day might keep the doctor away, and a banana a day may also help.  Start adding unlimited quantities of things such as cucumbers, watercress, arugula, etc. to your daily diet.    Eating more fruits and vegetables can help flush your digestive system, keep you more hydrated, and aid in the release of toxins.
  • Delete carbonated beverages containing high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Those sweet sparkling drinks not only can cause you to belch rather loudly, but the sugar in a twelve ounce serving can have as much as 140 grams of sugar.  Replace those drinks with pure unadulterated water; if you need a kick add lemon or lime.
  • Drink less alcohol. If you consume alcohol try to keep it to one drink weekly or less.  Alcohol dehydrates you, and if consumed close to your bedtime it might inhibit a good night’s restful sleep.
  • Drink MORE Water. Your body is mostly water, and throughout your day you need to replace the water your body loses through sweat, urination, and bowel elimination.  If you ever feel thirsty then you have gone too long without water.  Being low on water can cause you to have negative experiences such as but limited to headaches, leg cramps, and believe it or not excessive over eating. 

If you follow these tips you may begin to notice that dark circles under your eyes begin to be less noticeable.  But the side effects of these tips might also increase your energy levels.

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