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The Tell of Two Men with Acne

On a beautiful autumn morning, eight years ago, two young teenage boys Lucas and David entered High School at two different locations.  They were very much alike, these two young teens.  Both had been better than average students, both were personable and outgoing both---as young high schoolers are---were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.


Recently, these two men entered into the world of dating, socializing, and networking.


Both were very successful at landing the new client, dating the most interesting and beautiful young women.  They admittedly are doing better than their peers.


So what was the difference?  Both felt self-confident in their appearance.  At the beginning of High school, they both suffered from acne.  They were given the advice to stop eating greasy foods such as French fries and onion rings, but that was helping.  But, they still had acne and the accompanying scars.  Until they asked me what they could do about getting rid of their acne and the ugly scars.


What Made The Difference


They both asked me, a person who once had acne, (before the incident which changed my skin and my life), and had the scars, how to get clear skin, which is also soft and supple?   I have personal knowledge and experience of acne-prone skin and dry chapped.  My suggestions were the conditioning bars.  Lucas used the Bright Mornings soap bar with a spin brush for his morning routine and the Tranquility bar for his nightly skincare routine.  David used the Tranquility soap bar for his day and night skincare regimen.  Both boys achieved the much-desired clear complexions that they had been wanting since their acne issues erupted.


Skincare Products Unlike Any Other.


Our products are unique due to our one of kind formulations; which are not tested on animals but are tested on participating human beings.  With the given opinions of the participating Human Beings, we gained insights into the benefits imparted to the skin.  We formulate our products to help remedy many types of skin conditions.  We are a cutting edge cosmetic company, with old-world values.


We say what a product does because that’s what it does.  Our soaps are mild and cleansing never drying.  We have formulations for dry skin, normal, combo, and oily.


Looking at our product catalog, we have the best handmade formulations for alleviating acne, dry chapped aging skin, eczema, and psoriasis.  Your skin no matter what type is covered.  We also have other useful skin-loving products such as our decadent butter scrubs, Hydrating Botanical Face & Body Sprays, product after product beneficial for your skin type.  You will find product after product packed with beneficial ingredients, to make the best of your skin.  The Extras for Bath & Shower section gives you, ideas on how to have a luxurious bath experience.  For your daily skincare needs, we have the Skincare Regimen Category.


We are one of your best sources for luxury bath and body products.  In our News section, our blog, we have many relevant articles for different skincare issues and adding more 2-3 times per week, a go-to space for skincare enlightenment.




If you had never been to our Immaculate Organic Soaps webstore you could not imagine how useful it can be to you.


Money-Saving Luxury Quality Skincare Products


Our products when used correctly are long-lasting.  Our body lotions are thick, creamy, and non-greasy and remember a little does go a long way.  After applying our silky feeling lotion your skin will show you love by looking, appearing even more radiant and positively glowing.  The effects are felt even after washing your hands they will still feel soft and supple.  Over time you will save money by not having to apply so much.  Our guarantee to you (read it here).


To purchase our products, just add the items you want to try first to your cart, go to our secure checkout we have many payment options for you.  You will want to find out without delay if our skincare products can do for you what they are doing for our other satisfied customers.  So please use our secure online checkout now, and we will start making your fresh-made product for you immediately.


About those two teenage high schoolers I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, the ones with the confidence: they graduated from High School the same year and started in the business world at the same time.  So what made their lives in dating different from their peers?  They both had self-confidence in their appearance from using our luxury skincare products.




An Investment in Success


We cannot promise you that gorgeous skin will be instantly yours if you start using our skincare products.  But, we can guarantee that you will find Immaculate Organic Soaps always luxurious, skin-loving, non-drying, always reliable, and always useful.






Andrea Allen, Manager


Immaculate Organic Soaps




P.S. Your skin will feel softer to the touch, and look more even-toned.


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