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Bath Renewal Eggs, Butter Bath Truffles, Shower Power Fizzies, Bubble Bombs, Dark Matter, and Milk Baths, something for everyone's fancy.  For soaps please go to the Moisturizing Soaps collection.  Just click the photos to find out more about the products on this page.

Bath Renewal Eggs a skintalizing experience of softening, relaxing, and reinvigorating. 

Butter Bath Truffles giving you a revitalizing fragrance in a tub of butters and oils, use it in a warm tub.  But be careful the tub may become slippery. 

Dark Matter is an activated charcoal bath soak experience.  Activated charcoal in a warm to hot bath might be what you need a few times a week.  Let this little Black egg transport you to a new dimension of being relaxed and refreshed, with it's detoxifying properties.  This product will turn the bath tub black.

The Milk Bath Renewal Eggs, has powdered goat milk along with other skin delicious butters and oils.  Many women through out time have taken a revitalizing milk bath.  Women such as  Cleopatra,Elizabeth I of England, Elisabeth of Bavaria, and others have historically acclaimed the beautifying benefits of these types of baths.

Bubble Bombs are an explosion of fragrant bubbles in your bath.  What's more fun than having bubbles in the tub, SWAT team not necessary. 

Need a bubble bath or bath oil?  We have that as well.

So how do you use these skin scrumptious treats?  Place under the running water and agitate the bath water.

Power in your Shower with our Shower Fizzies place this fragrance packing fragrance mister in the corner of the shower, turn on the warm water and enjoy the fragrant steam created.


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