Men's Grooming

Well men we understand that it is hard to shop at some online stores.  As a man, you want to get in, get what you want and check out!  No problem we have tried to make this process easy just for you. 

Here you will find body sprays and soaps for MEN.  Keep checking back, we will be adding a  collection for shaving, from the bearded man to the smooth face man we feel you will enjoy what we will be offering soon. 

A shave soap for the slip not the lather.  The shave soap has bentonite clay and is made with goats milk, for added moisturizing, no need for an after shave the soap is just that amazing.  But for those who feel they will still need a little extra moisturizing, may we suggest using our Hydrating Botanical spray, which has many nutrients and is devoid of the dreaded ALCOHOL!  No burning while grooming.  

Kits coming soon, so if you have a preference of things to add to a kit to help you shop faster just drop us a note, we aim to please.

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