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Skindelicious Organic Moisturizing Sea Salt Scrub Bars

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A great way to exfoliate the day away.  Bring your skin back to a renewed glow.  A weekly treat or however often you would like.  Great to tame those naughty knees and elbows. 

Feel fresh, clean, and moisturized when finished.  Your skin will appear smoother and softer to the touch.        

Peanut Butter, Pikake Flower, Avocado & Shea, Rosemary, Walnut

We have a variety of Sea Salt Bars!!!

These sea salt bars are not like the average sea salt bar. These are none drying and give a gentle exfoliation. A treat for you skin. The bars are made with Shea butter or Cocoa Butter or made with both.

With our basic recipe for these skin scrumptious bars to include Grapeseed oil and Olive Oil, a creamy lathering treat! The Avocado & Shea has Avocado Oil. The Black Walnut Sea salt bar has walnut oil and finely ground walnut shells powder, exfoliation never felt so great.

The Rosemary Sea salt bar has ground rosemary and cocoa butter and shea butter. The pikake flower sea salt bar although it is a fragrance bar not only smells powdery fresh but has the benefits of a sea salt bar.

Why does the Peanut Butter sea salt bar smell good enough to eat? Because it's made with real peanut butter and honey. Try to keep from going in your mouth because it is still soap ;-).


3 ounces