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Foaming Hand Sanitizer-Moisturized and Conditioned - Immaculate Organic Soaps

Foaming Hand Sanitizer-Moisturized and Conditioned

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Want hand sanitizing without the drying effect of alcohol??  Look no further this is your answer.

Our Instant Foaming Hand Sanitizer produces a fast drying, non-sticky foam that contains unique non-drying, conditioning, and moisturizing ingredients, leaves the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky after feel, and does not contain polymer thickeners or silicones, all this with the great scent of Apricot Marmalade.   Buy a few for your purse, backpack, give to friends and family.

So where's the alcohol?  Not in this product.  The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride.

What's Benzalkonium Chloride you ask? 


History of Benzalkonium chloride is an alcohol-free antimicrobial compound that has been widely used in the healthcare industry for more than 60 years in formulas for preservatives, surface cleaners, sterilizing agents, and leave-on, FDA Monograph anti-bacterial skin treatment products. The chemical properties of benzalkonium chloride make it a good candidate for persistent antimicrobial activity in mammalian tissue.


5.5 ounces

Active Ingredient:

Benzalkonium Chloride (0.10%)

Inactive ingredients:

Deionized water, cetrimonium chloride, laurtrimonium chloride,dihydroxyethyl cocamine oxide, glycereth-17 cocoate, citric acid, Fragrance, Colorant.