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Rippling Wave Curlers in a gold organza bag
rippling wave curlers pink and orange with hook
women with waves from the curlers
wave curlers with hook
Orange Rippling Wave Curlers
Pink Rippling wave curlers
rippling wave curler hook

Rippling Waves of Curls Curlers

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Wanting rippling waves of hair? Get wavy, rippling curls without heat with these curlers. The rippling curl former is easy to install and easy to remove. You can have rippling curls in about an hour depending on hair thickness and length.

24 ripple curlers and one inserting device per pack.  Pair with Softy Locks or Blast Conditioner for even shinier curls. 

These are 50cm approximately 19.65 inches when stretched completely.   Great for medium length hair of 12-16 inches. 

The new and improved deal on this item, we have increased the number of curlers you will be receiving if you order this product starting April 25, 2019.

How to Use

Start on freshly washed damp hair.  Install wait an hour depending on thickness and length of your hair.  If you want curls to last all day long then wear the wave formers overnight.

Assembly instructions for the Rippling Waves of Curls Curlers hook:

  1. Place A into B
  2. Place joined A and B into C.
  3. Your hook is now assembled.

 How to install the Rippling Wave Curlers

Section your hair.  Sections can be large or small.  The smaller the section the more curlers you will need.  The larger the section fewer curlers will be needed but the hair will be clumped together where separating will be necessary for a fuller appearance.

Place the assembled hook into one end of the Rippling Wave Curlers until the hook is out of the opposite end.  Twist the separated, detangled portion of hair at the root only.  Do not twist tightly, this may cause hair loss.  Place the twisted portion of your hair into the eye of the hook.  Make sure the entire twisted root is in the eye of the hook.  Gently hold the top of the Rippling Wave Curler and pull the handle of the hook down, while holding the top of the Rippling Wave Curlers.  Congratulations you have installed your Rippling Wave Curler.

Pinch the corners to remove the rippling wave curler gently slide down, and enjoy your waves. 

Delivery Time

28-30 days.  Roller colors vary.  Smiles guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with this product, you can request a refund less shipping charges.

Notice for Purchases prior to 25 April 2019

If you ordered this product before April 25, 2019, then you will be shipped the 12 curler pack with the one hook for the original price of $16.28 each pack.